Design Age Accelerator, funded by UKRI, has a single-minded vision:


To address the under-valuing and low investment in user-centred design by businesses in the ageing market, by connecting solution providers with the UK’s world leading user-centred design capabilities and resources.

The Accelerator is currently in prototype development and rapidly growing a vibrant design age community of interested users including:

  • Entrepreneurs - active or pivoting disruptive solutions into the ageing market

  • Commissioners - of adult social health and care services seeking innovative solutions

  • Designers - either active or interesting in developing user-centred products and services

  • Investors - looking to invest in innovative high growth potential small firms in the ageing market

  • Intermediaries – helping businesses grow faster

The Accelerator aims to increase the scale of adoption of innovative and disruptive solutions and how ‘investable’ they are, to meet the demands of the expanding healthy ageing market. 


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